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Thank you for visiting. If you received information, and are interested in one of our machines being installed at your location, please look to the right and send an e mail to Corporate at the "E Mail Manager On Duty" icon, or telephone 855-5-GA-VEND.

Our most popular machines are the boxing game, massage chair, and ATM machine. All are available for your location. We presently have machines located now, and many include the following: Chevron, Denny's Restaurant, Car Washes, Skating Rinks, Bowling Alleys, Family Fun Centers, Hotels, Truck Stops, Jumpy Houses, Malls, Amusement Parks, Trampoline Parks, and Laundry Mats.

All machines have revenue sharing programs to maximize profits and provide customer entertainment and convenience.

Take the next step and send a request to the manager on duty, and an evaluation will be done on your location to see what machines can be delivered. Thank you.